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 Salio theWord 5 
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Post Salio theWord 5
Ya es sabido que acaban de publicar la "Nueva" version de theWord 5...!
pero yo como usuario standar NO ve la diferencia con la version 4.

Podria alguin decirme cuales son las mejoras de esta nueva version.

Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:18 pm

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
Usa 4 de los betas? O solamente 4?

Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:22 pm

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
Uso la version 5 descargada de la pagina Oficial

Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:11 am

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
Pensa que no hay translación en español todavía pero aquí hay en ingles.

- [fix]: Bible view->Verse list->When displaying lists of verse lists: changed click event that displays verse list from mouse down to mouse up.
- [fix]: clicking on links in donate dialog (english language) caused browser to display twice the page
- [fix]: theWord failed to start some times if a module's read-only flag could not be reset
- [fix]: 'locked.bibles.list' uses relative paths for bible modules (patch for toGo)
- [fix]: .twzip extension was not included in the filters of the 'Intall Modules' dialog (although .twzip were processed with no problem)
- [fix]: \cf11 in standard rtf header was mistakenly red instead of dark green
- [fix]: URLs where the target referenced [self] and the query part used non-ascii chars did not work in the Bible view popups (e.g. a dictionary popup in the form tw://[self]t=ÅëëçíéêÜ)
- [fix]: hybrid modules: syncing a hybdir module that contains a RELREF_ bookmark to an unrelated verse causes the syncing to fail the first time the Bible view changes verse
- [fix]: paths to image background for Book and Bible view are now saved in a relative manner to better support portable installations.
- [fix]: adding a fix for a wine bug for GetAsyncKeyState (see viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4421)
- [fix]: properly saving configuration during a windows shutdown (handling WM_ENDSESSION)
- [new]: commentary links: support for hybrid modules: first implementation (alpha)
- [new]: Copy Verse dialog: If the 'Step 4: After each verses' entry ends with a space and the 'Footer' starts with a space, then the spaces of the 'Footer' are trimmed (unless the 'No verse reference (Step 4) for single verses' option is checked). See viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3873&start=15
- [fix]: 'volume.root.paths', 'module.root.paths', 'user.file.paths', 'extra.paths' properties in config.ini ([general] section): if there were spaces between the colon (;) separated paths, the paths were ignored.
- [fix]: sometime theWord fails to restart after a module installation (possible fix)
- [fix]: when theWord exits, it re-tries 10 times to update the config.ini file before giving up.
- [fix]: Select Bibles dialog (Compare view and Bible Search view): fixed sorting behavior. Also when the dialog appears in the Bible search view, the vertical right toolbar appears (to allows to properly save a Bible set from this place also)
- [fix]: if a Bible module contained the 'charset=nnn' property at the end, then this charset was used to display all elements (even non-Bible elements). In case the font used did not support this charset, then the elements would not use the specified font (this would appear for Bibles using 'rare' charsets like Hebrew, etc)
- [new]: Integraged module installer installs font files (.ttf, .ttc, .fon). To avoid admin priviledges, it copies font files in Cache folder.
- [fix]: Verse list view: list selector moved a few pixels up.
- [fix]: change in verse detection algorithm to properly detect implicit references that contain half-verse indicators (e.g. 1:6b-11 for Mat 1).
- [fix]: popup window appears above with the HWND_TOPMOST flag now, this means that it will work properly if the main window is set to be a topmost window by a 3rd party app
- [fix]: right-click menu in Bible view could fail to properly detect the word under cursor if the word was the last one in a line in r2l modules.
- [fix]: topics with content_type of jpg, bmp, etc (e.g. images) would not appear in popups
- [fix]: F4-Verse reference: change event handling sequence (keys-enter): see bug: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4560&p=26664#p26664
- [...] continuing on 1346: commentary links: proper prioritization of comment selection from hybrid modules that contains comments for multiple spans (e.g. NIC/Romans): comments for smaller passages (ideally single verses) should have priority
- [new]:
- the index for subjects (topics_wordindex table) is being rebuild for all book modules on startup: the match of subjects has changed a bit: the change only affects languages that use diacritics (Greeks, Hebrew, etc): when matching a word, a match with diacritics is first attempted and if it fails then a match without diacritics is attempted.
- In order to avoid rebuilding the topics_wordindex table (for future updates that is), a new config option is now supported in the config table: search.topics.no.autobuild. If this is set to '1', then the topics_wordindex table is never being rebuild automatically (and the corresponding action from the Module Properties dialog is disallowed). The TDNTa official module is currently the only official module that has a custom topics_wordindex table that should not be rebuilt automatically: special provision has been included for this module to avoid corruption. The book module spec document has also been updated.
- [fix]: failed to rebuild topics_wordindex for module with large descriptions (greater than 2048 characters) - theWord would crash on startup
- [change]: Bible search view: history popup: background drawing gradient remove because it caused visibility issues with some themes
- [fix]: Popups that disply non-Bible content use the background color of the active book view now. Until now the just retained the background color of the last time the displayed a verse (which was the one of the then active Bible view)
- [...]: b1359 popup fix: footnotes were using the Book view background and Bible view colors which was wrong: now footnotes popups use Bible view background
- [fix]: donate form graphic was too big (2MB): reduce to a few KB (converted to jpg)
- [new]: Preferences->Bible text: user can reorder Bible text with CTRL+Arrow keys
- [fix]: minor possible fix to the way topics_wordindex is populated (testing)
THIS should be considered a TEST-ONLY build!
- [new]: upgraded viewer/editor to newer version (RichView version 14). Several changes/updates due to the new renderer as well as things that need to be tested:
- better hadnling of word wrapping
- better handling of selection for some languages (e.g. khmer)
- support for unicode-only languages for some dialogs (hindi localization)
- several improvements in selection
- [new]: added support for directly pasting html content to editor
1363, 1364: bug fixes
1365: bug fixes concerning Hebrew and right-to-left display issues of new renderer:
- in Book view: when loading RTF content containing Hebrew, all content is handled with special layout algorithm for proper bidirectional text.
- in Bible view: all text loaded is now handled with special bidirectional algorithm
1366: bug fixes:
- Hebrew rendering: WHM: spaces missing in Hebrew
- Book view: reading plans: Holding down CTRL key over topics causes AV
- Background missing in List view on first load
1367: bug fixes:
- Hebew rendering: more fixes
1368: bug fixes:
- Hebrew rendering: more fixes: Book view uses complex rendering if it detext right-to-left text.
Added some hidden shortcuts in Book view editor to set left-to-right and right-to-left direction for paragraphs and items (may change in the future):
- CTRL+SHIFT+P: Right-To-Left paragraph
- CTRL+SHIFT+O: Left-To-Right paragraph
- CTRL+SHIFT+K: Right-To-Left text fragment (selected text)
- CTRL+SHIFT+J): Left-To-Rigth text fragment (selected text)
1369: bug fixes: more Hebrew renderer fixes
1370: bug fixes: more Hebrew renderer fixes
1371: bug fixes: extra blank line in Book view some times at the top removed(new bug from 1370)
- [fix]: pasting content from Bible view to Book view that has links (e.g. Hebrew morph data) removes these links
1373: bug fixes
1374: bug fixes (still fixing 1372 case: removing links when pasting to Book view)
1375: [new]: Bible Search view: reserved words are highlight in Boolean search as one types (nearw and nearv with number arguments are not highlighted)
1376: [fix]: Bible view: 'Added words' within 'Words of Jesus' would not render with the correct color.
1377: [fix]: Pasting HTML formatted text with SHIFT+Ins (instead of CTRL+V) would paste it unformatted
1378: [fix]: 1377 fix caused paste not working some times
- drag-n-drop-ing text from Bible search input search box to book view would not allow the pasted text to accept 'Enter' (new line) at the end
- drag-n-drop-ing text that contained new lines in Bible search input search box would not remove the new lines (and would cause an infinite loop in the marking of the text there)
- Bookmarks dialog (Book view) is now resizable. It also saves its position and size on screen. New style painting of controls also.
- [fix]: resizing of large images in bookview failed some times
- [fix]: 'Click here to see a list of topics...' link in book view would cause the link of topics to appear and disappear immediately
- [fix]: Bible view: user can type in upon startup
- [fix]: fixed a bug in F4 box from b1354
- [fix]: Verse copied outside theWord in RTF format no longer carry over hyperlinks that are only used internally for theWord (see bug viewtopic.php?p=27507#p27507)
- [new]: Module Sets:
- Custom sets: new Filter option for list of custom list (right list)
- Saved sets now has a drop-down list of previously saved sets that can be used to overwrite a previously saved set
- A new 'Apply' button now can be used to save a set and continue working without closing the dialog
- [new] (work in progress)
- Copy Verses dialog: Sets of settings
- [new] (work in progres)
- Book view: Insert text snippets (right click menu)
- [fix]: Copy Verses dialog: Mouse wheel stopped work from 1382 over the 'From', 'To' verse select buttons
- [fix]: Copy Verses dialog: increased the width of edit boxes in the Advanced drop down menu due to wrong spaces in Win8/125dpi
- [fix]: About box for some module that used html with non-utf8 codepages did not display properly (wrong encoding)
- [fix]: theWord was not visible in Windows ALT-TAB programs list when some dialogs where visible.
- [new]: table edit support in Book view (context menu). One can now add/edit tables directly from within theWord editor.
- [fix]: Win+DownArrow (which is the standard mechanism to minimize a program) would not hide the taskbar icon, if 'Minimize to tray' was set.
- [change]: Internal Clipboard monitor changes for compatibility with some 3rd party clipboard monitor utilities. theWord did re-register itself in the chain of clipboard viewers every 30 seconds, yet some 3rd party tools had issues when the chain of clipboard viewers of windows changed (although it is valid). Now:
- theWord will not re-register if the CM is disabled (from File->Preferences)
- there is a new registry settings in the [clipview] section called 'chain.reload' where you can set in seconds the time you wants this re-registrations to occurs
- the default re-registration time has been increased to 300 seconds.
- [fix]: Performance enhancement: new rendered brought it a performance penalty in cases with larger paragraph - processing of hidden text. (added rvoShowHiddenText in Options).
- [fix]: ... 1385 was incomplete: rendering of tooltips could still be slow in some cases
- [new]: Bible info dialog: added button to open explorer window to Bible file path
- [fix]: Bible view compare mode: if there are only 2 Bibles, one OT only and one NT only and the option to 'hide Bible that do not contain current verse', then it is possible for the Bible to use incorrect font (e.g. to use the font of the hidden Bible)
- [fix]: The fix in 1387 introduce a bug with verse-ref popups when they spanned more than once chapters and the current Bible view had cmt links enabled.
- [new]: experimental support for external automation: first debug implementation (test only)
- [new]: added dialog in Book view to set the page/reader's margins (from the Options menu). Page margins are not stored in the document but are viewer specific.
- [...]: updates in Page margins dialog from 1390
- [fix]: when restoring position of a non-resizable form after restart, width and height are ignored.
- [fix]: bug introduced in 1384 build: New Reading Plan: the preview popup dialog appeared in the main window, instead of inside the popup
- [new]: bookview toolbar position is now saved
- [fix]: several minor fixes for table editing in book view
- [new]: new option for verse reference popups to display the verse in more than one translations. Bible translations can be selected from File->Preferences->Advanced Tab. Option applies globaly for all popups. Translations and order can be selected.
- [fix]: several fix around new feature of multiple translations in verse popups:
- fixed AV when Preferences dialog was closed without opening the Bible selection popup
- superscript chars in popoup appears too big (relative to the number of translations)
- order of Bibles was not saved properly, unless it was put in a set
- Bible selection popup: when clicking the 'Show Descriptions' checkbox, order was lost
- Bible selection popup: when clicking the 'sort' button, checkboxes were getting mixed
- Bible selection popup: when hiding/opening and a re-order had occured, checkboxes were mixed
- [new]: multiple translations in verse popups: option to display only when SHIFT is pressed
- [fix]: Fixed bug introduced in b1394: The 'Locked Modules Warning' dialog failed to appear on startup if required. Also, theWord failed to properly shutdown in that case
- [fix]: b1394 related: additional Bible translations appeared in Bible search results when user selected to display inline the verse texts. This shouldn't be happening.
- [fix]: b1394 related: if more than one Bibles with no id existed in the list of additional Bibles for the verse popups, only the first was displayed.
- [fix]: when indexing books, if an error occurs, the dialog that displays the error will auto-close in 40 seconds if the user presses nothing. This allows the process to continue unattended
- [fix]: when a book view was floating, context menu actions for table, paragraph, bullets and borders did not work.
- [fix]: Bible user highlighting is now displayed in popups, depending on current Bible view's options
- [fix]: Define Module Sets dialog: when creating copies of modules or folders from within the custom set tree list (right one) by holding down the CTRL key, the new copies didn't have a proper new internal ID. So, when the new set was saved it could create problems if later one tried to edit it.
- [fix]: Minor fix related to b1399 and 'Define Module Sets' drag-n-drop functionality
- [fix]: Page Margins dialog: Reset Defaults option would not work if OK button was clicked immediately afterwards.
- [fix]: right-to-left display bug in popups introduced in b1399 (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5697&p=31023#p31023)
- [new]: book view -> topics selection text box: text is selected on focus
- [fix]: bug introduced in 1401: popups that displayed content from more than one module failed to display
- [change]: Bookview option->Link even if inactive (paperclip icon drop down) is checked by default.
- [fix]: Bible view: if no header/footer is displayed, first time theWord starts, there is an extra empty line at the top of the Bible view
- [fix]: Bible view: in paragraph mode, if headings were overlayed on a Bible that didn't have its own headings, there was an extra space before the first verse
- [change/fix]: hybrid modules: a topic does not appear in commentary links, if in the rel_refs table the linked bookmark name does not start with RELREF_ (see update book module spec for details).
- [fix]: Bible view -> Inline commentaries: if a commentary is displayed inline and the first thing to be displayed is a link (e.g. no heading/title), then no popup would be displayed when the mouse hovered over the link.
- [new]: enhanced WM_COPYDATA message handling to allow theWord to respond to dictionary lookup messages from external applications
- [new]: Added 'Format Painter' action in Book view formatting toolbar
- [fix]: Format Painter action is reset if Book view editor looses focus to another Book view
- [fix]: b1399 broke Win9x support (MessageBoxTimeoutW missing in user32.dll): now it is dynamically loaded
- [change]: devotional books do not sync any more with word click events. Behavior can be overriden by adding 'devotion.force.sync=1' in config table of individual devotion file. Book module spec doc updated also
- [fix]: continued from 1408: removed devotional syncing between each other and also marking dots from devotional tabs
- [change]: book view formatting toolbar is now moved/docked to floating Book views
- [...]: fixes on 1409 about formatting toolbar being moved to floating Book view.
- [fix]: main window position was not saved if using skinned border (bug introduced in b1309)
- [fix]: translation function failed to update some messages/captions in context menu in book view (table menu and some more).
- [fix]: If a Book module title contained RTF special chars ({, }, \), then it's title would appear truncated if a topic of this book would appear in a 'dictionary lookup' popup.
- [fix]: If a text hyperlink contained RTF special chars ({, }, \), it would not display properly
- [fix]: List of saved Bible sets is now sorted in all popup menus it appears.
- [fix]: Bible view->Commentary links: if "Lookup all available commentaries" was selected, hybrid modules would not be included.
- [fix]: When using the CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste back from the clipboard monitor multiple verses, only the first verse/range were pasted
- [new]: Added download manager to allow adding new modules automatically (work in progress...)
- [...]: Several fixes for the download manager, introduced in 1415 (still not finished)
- [...]: fix in module downloader that could cause a file to fail to get installed, after it was being downloaded (linux bug mainly)
- [...]: several fixes/changes in module downloader
- [...]: several fixes/changes in module downloader
- [...]: several fixes/changes in module downloader
- Module installer will now install a module in previous path location, if it finds a file with the same filename already there. For non-Bible files, a warning about highlighting will also appear.
- [fix]: the CM would display the font color of the active Bible view without using the view's background. Thus in a Bible view with white font and black back, the CM text would be invisible.
- [fix]: continuing on 1421: fixed the background in the Copy Verses Preview
- [fix]: continuing on 1421: verse numbering color also inherits the color of the active Bible view
- [new]: added param active.bible.view.force=_bible_view_X (where X is a number: 1, 2, ...): if present, then theWord will always activate this view on startup
- [fix]: bug from 1409: when closing a floating book view that had the formatting toolbar, an error would occur (same if restoring a layout).
- [fix]: download manager: packages are now handled properly
- [new]: download manager: added dialogs for selecting module repositories to use
- [new]: add option to download file in 'Install Modules' dialog
- [fix]: Install module download: new download from URL function: download failed if remote http server did not provide a file-length entry in http headers
- [fix]: download manager: changing repository to one with less modules could cause an error
- [fix]: trailing spaces were not removed when reading properties from Bible files (.ont): this resulted in errors if non-visible spaces existed (e.g. if a space existed in the id property, this space was takes as being part of the id).
- [new]: added all messages from download modules (Add Titles...) dialogs to lng file for translators
- [change]: reading plan calendar view start with Sunday as first day, instead of monday
- [fix]: reading plan stats: the output was not fully unicode there (dates may have appearred with question marks)
- [fix]: download modules dialog: bottom panel was not unicode
- [change]: reading plan calendar: the calendar view takes now into account the 'First day of the week' setting in Control's Panel regional settings
- [fix]: change the name of the .chm file that is looked for to all-lowercase (e.g. theword.chm): used to be TheWord.chm. This could cause issues with locating the file in unix-based systems (e.g. MAC)
- [fix]: right-clicking on a 'reserved' word on the Bible view and searching for it would fail: now a backslash '\' is prepended to make sure the search succeeds (e.g. right-clicking on 'not' in the Bible view and selecting 'search' now works)
- [fix]: updates/fixes in module-repositories doc
- [fix]: removed some unneeded vars in the module downloads code
- [fix]: adding a wrong link to a book (e.g. tw://*.*?asdf) could cause the Hyperlink dialog to not re-display if right-clicking on this link (due to an error in parsing).
- [fix]: Installing modules: if a non-compressed module was selected (either by file or URL), the resulting filename was incorrect (had some numbers prefixed), and the install location was not proper (e.g. it was installed in the program folder, instead of the modules folder)
- [new]: added menu option in tray icon to parse-on-demand the content of the clipboard
- [fix]: fixed the triggers in the headings.*.twm files - also in the importer tool.
- [new]: added new optional global hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+P to parse the clipboard contents on demand. By default the hotkey is not registered. It can be overriden by using the [clipview] -> hotkey.parse property (integer: virtual key code)
- [fix]: F5/Copy Verses changes: made cosmetic fixes, added messages to language file, fixed a couple of obscure bugs
- [fix]: Insert Manager dialog cosmetic fixes, added messages to language file, fixed some issues here and there.
- [fix]: 'Hyperlink...' menu item in context menu of Book view was untranslated
- [new]: added local min/max buttons in views as an option: allow to locally maximize/minimize a view in the left/right panes. Removed the option to colorize the border icons: all icons are now in black only
- [fix]: removed the format painter icon from the Bible view toolbar (not implemented)
- [fix]: caption and hint properties of a couple of actions in the .lng file were not displayed properly in non-english languages
- [fix]: fixed hint for local minimize button
- [change]: changed menu Help->Look for module updates: break in 2, one for language files that re-directs to the site, another for modules that opens the module downloader directly.
- [fix]: several fixes for better high-dpi viewing.
- [fix]: down-facing arrow on top-left of view was not painted due to changes in 1439
- [fix]: several items (especially menus) did not use the custom font (if) set in the .lng file
- [fix]: unicode issues in Book view->ctx menu->Hyperlink menu, FormatPainter hint text, Download Modules dialog->Html preview message on the left
- [fix]: verse detection in whole module was too slow (added rvoShowHiddenText in Options - same problem as in fix 1385)
- [fix]: pre-indexing did not work properly (e.g. pre-created .idx and .idx3 files would not be used).
- [fix]: pre-indexing did not work from integrated installer.
- update donate notice and copyright info for tw5
- removed the logic for displaying the donate dialog automatically. The dialog is now only available on demand from Help->Donate menu
- new splash for tw5
- [fix]: loading compare view from startup would not properly load Bible view settings (see viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6487)
- [fix]: Copy verse dialog: one of the drop-down buttons display a small 'dot' (really minor)
- [fix]: added an experimental config option 'hide.verse.numbers=1' to hide the verse numbers. Since this is experimental, it is now only a global option, not a Bible-view specific. This is only a preview feature for testing

Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:17 pm

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
Bueno lo cierto es que mejoras como tal a la vista de quienes no sabemos de programación NO TIENE ningún cambio. Ni un tema nuevo trae siquiera.

Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:19 pm

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
Aquí hay algunos de los cambios y nuevas cosas en theWORD 5.
1362 - es una grande diferencia porque es el nuevo versión del editor Richedit 14
1384 - es un grande también porque puede tener tables en el editor
1394 - es grande también porque puede tener más de una versión en el popup
1406 - es bueno porque puede copiar formato del fuente a otro partes
1426 - es grande porque puede descargar directamente a theWORD

Hay más. Hay cosas que posiblemente no van a parecer tan grande pero son buenas.

Puedo ver su punto que no aparece que mucho cambio pero si hay cambios y la cosa buena es
que bendición es gratis para nosotros y Costas ha dado muchas horas a este trabajo.

Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:34 pm

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Post Re: Salio theWord 5
A la verdad debemos entender lo que es theWord como software. Primero, es una programa de la Biblia que es bastante avanzado. Siendo tan avanzado, también causa sus propias problemas. Lo principal es que cuando sigues poniendo más y más formas de hacer cosas, entonces se hace más complicado para novatos de aprenderlo y usarlo.

Un ejemplo, la primera version de Microsoft Word era muy avanzada aun cuando empezó (a lo menos por su tiempo). Pero era simple de usar, y las partes avanzadas era pocas (los que tuviste que buscar en el manual) Pero el problema aumentó porque tienen cientos de programadores que añaden todos algo, y luego las versiones modernas, simplemente tienes que ir a un curso para aun usarlo. Así Costas está a la vez poniendo nuevas cosas en el software, pero también, tratando de no poner algo simplemente porque se puede. Tiene que ser algo que realmente añade valor. Esto es porque con cada cosa que añade, hay un factor de hacer el software un poco más complicado de usar. Ya ha habido quejas de que gente les gusta e-Sword porque es muy simple de usar. No puedes hacer mucho con ello, pero esto es el punto. Gente no quiere hacer mucho, nada más leer.

In Christ,
Pastor David Cox
davidcox (at sign) davidcox.com.mx

Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:32 pm
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