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 Audio Bible Tagging 

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 Audio Bible Tagging 
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Post Audio Bible Tagging
{Please note that the following post contains suggestions to help with audio Bibles
and are just guidelines to assist users with library management.

Hi All,

Occasionally folks mention their desire to have theWord deal with audio Bibles, mp3's, etc.
I think I can safely mention that this is not going to happen in the next 5 years.
(Costas: please correct me if I'm off in that estimate)
After all, except for a Karaoke type of read-along enhancement, it's really just reinventing the wheel.

However, I'm happy to share some tips on using audio Bibles, especially so they show up correctly in iPods, etc.

You can use iTunes or WinAmp or whatever you like to manage your library.
I use Helium Music Manager.

And you will want to retag the mp3's once you get them on your machine.
I use Mp3tag which is FREE, very powerful and very easy.
Depending on where you get your mp3's from they may be more or less complete, or the tags might be completely blank.


Create a main folder to hold all your Bibles.
Then make a subfolder for each Bible version.
Then make a subfolder for each Bible book under the Bible version folder. (see batch file at end)

So it might look like this:
Capture.mp3tagger002.JPG [ 51.28 KiB | Viewed 2860 times ]

03_Leviticus etc etc (it's important to have the leading zero for the first nine)

Copy the chapters for each book into the appropriate subfolder.
66 subfolders; Genesis=50 mp3's Exodus=40 mp3's etc.

[there's a rumor going around that people are supposed to make backups before making big changes to files.
there might be something to that.

Sometimes there are introduction mp3's to each book.
These should be named "00_Intro.mp3" or "00a_Intro.mp3" & "00b_Intro.mp3" etc. or similar.

Open tagger and load mp3 folders

This is what the end result will look like, more or less:
Capture.mp3tagger001.JPG [ 155.73 KiB | Viewed 2860 times ]

Please note: the filenames, titles, artists, etc. style will look however you like it. The above just happens to be the way I did it.

This particular collection is from FireFighters.org (disregard the dot.com in the screen shot)


:arrow: The Artist depicts the Bible Version.
:arrow: The Album is the Book.
:arrow: The Track is the Chapter

:!: The Titles are in order and consistent.
:!: By prefacing all my Bible's with 'Logos' they are all grouped together in the music manager, and the iPod.

Well, there's lots more, and if people feel that this is a positive post I may enhance it.

Enjoy !

Batch File
copy the following into notepad, and save as 'makebooks.bat' into the folder which will hold all the subfolders, then double click on it.

rem start of batch file
md "01-Genesis"
md "02-Exodus"
md "03-Leviticus"
md "04-Numbers"
md "05-Deuteronomy"
md "06-Joshua"
md "07-Judges"
md "08-Ruth"
md "09-1Samuel"
md "10-2Samuel"
md "11-1Kings"
md "12-2Kings"
md "13-1Chronicles"
md "14-2Chronicles"
md "15-Ezra"
md "16-Nehemiah"
md "17-Esther"
md "18-Job"
md "19-Psalm"
md "20-Proverbs"
md "21-Ecclesiastes"
md "22-Songs of Solomon"
md "23-Isaiah"
md "24-Jeremiah"
md "25-Lamentations"
md "26-Ezekiel"
md "27-Daniel"
md "28-Hosea"
md "29-Joel"
md "30-Amos"
md "31-Obadiah"
md "32-Jonah"
md "33-Micah"
md "34-Nahum"
md "35-Habakkuk"
md "36-Zephaniah"
md "37-Haggai"
md "38-Zechariah"
md "39-Malachi"
md "40-Matthew"
md "41-Mark"
md "42-Luke"
md "43-John"
md "44-Acts"
md "45-Romans"
md "46-1Corinthians"
md "47-2Corinthians"
md "48-Galatians"
md "49-Ephesians"
md "50-Philippians"
md "51-Colossians"
md "52-1Thessalonians"
md "53-2Thessalonians"
md "54-1Timothy"
md "55-2Timothy"
md "56-Titus"
md "57-Philemon"
md "58-Hebrews"
md "59-James"
md "60-1Peter"
md "61-2Peter"
md "62-1John"
md "63-2John"
md "64-3John"
md "65-Jude"
md "66-Revelation"

rem end of batch file

Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:47 am
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Post Re: Audio Bible Tagging
William wrote:
(Costas: please correct me if I'm off in that estimate)

Well, I wish i could correct you, but i have no better estimate, up or down,

Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:57 pm
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Post Re: Audio Bible Tagging
Has anyone been able to connect to free online audio versions of the bible to hear the bible read as you read or to allow you to close your eyes whatever. Sights such as http://www.esvbible.org/search/romans/ which allows you to hear the bible chapter being read...I have seen many others. YouVersion also has online audio of the bible. it would be nice to be able to study and take notes while it is being read.

This is the tool I am looking for.

Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:04 am
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Post Re: Audio Bible Tagging
Unless I misunderstand you;
It is simply a matter of using any audio Bible and just reading along with it.
Whether mp3 or online or whatever, you just want to be able to pause it when needed.
Using mp3 locally gives you more control, depending upon the app used for playback, as you can alter the playback speed, which is often useful.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could obtain a karaoke program and make a bouncing ball. If you do that, I'm sure you would instantly make a thousand new friends as there are many who would want a copy. (sign me up)

Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:10 pm
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