How to "Drag-n-drop" in/between modules

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How to "Drag-n-drop" in/between modules

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A new feature of drag-n-drop (dnd) has been added for the topics of modules in the book view.
This excludes encrypted modules.

(This concept will be familiar to most, where one can dnd files from one folder to another in the operating system windows. This will result in a copy or move action.)

The same principle is used to dnd topics from one module to another module by dnd the subject entry in the list on the left (as default).

1.You need to have the target module set to “user mode” so that it can be edited, and thus receive the topic.
2.You need the topics/subject/scripture, list visible, so that you can dnd items from one list to another list.
3.Remember that the default dnd is to copy between different modules, but it is move, if you are in the same module. Holding down or releasing the Ctrl key toggles the action in each case.
4.Pressing Esc will abort the action.

You can now dnd

1.You can select one item at a time and dnd to the list area of the target module. If you dnd to a dictionary module and you have long names in the target list, you will find that you have to drop on the left edge of the items, where there is some clear space, otherwise you might get the symbol on the mouse pointer indicating that you cannot drop there.

2.You can select separate items by holding down the Ctrl key and left mouse click on several items in the topics list, then dnd.

3.You can select a range by selecting your top item in the list, then whilst holding down the shift key, click on the last item you want in your list, then dnd and place in your desired location in the list of the target module.

4.You can also select a range of items in the list by holding down the left mouse button and drawing it to a diagonal position to make a rectangle that selects the items underneath. Then dnd.

5.To move a topic you can, when you have dragged it over the target list, press and hold down the Ctrl key, you will see that the + sign will go, indicating that this will be a move operation. For move to work, the source module will also need to be in user mode.

6.When these operations are done in the same module, the default is to move the item in the list and not copy it. This can be toggled once you are in the drop area of the target list by depressing the Ctrl key.

You can dnd between the different types of modules. dictionary, commentary, book.
But clearly the same list format will not be used if you were to dnd from a commentary to a dictionary module, because dictionary modules do not have a tree structure, so a tree structure will become flat in a dictionary. If you dnd from commentary to commentary if the scripture exists in the target commentary it will be overwritten, (you will get a warning on this).

I am sure you will soon see how useful this feature is.

Do practice first on some temporary modules. Then when you do this for real have some backup strategy, just in case things don't go to plan.
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