Quick choose of biblemodules to compare

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Quick choose of biblemodules to compare

Post by johannes »


I'd like to propose a little improvement for choosing the modules to compare in the compare (formerly parallel) view: How about providing a hotkey (like ALT, CTRL,etc) to quickly select the modules from the tabbar? So if the user is in compare view and presses the hotkey he would be able to select/deselect the modules by just clicking on the tabs.
This would increase the selection speed a bit but I figure it's not the easy to implement?

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Post by csterg »

Dear Johannes,
my thinking is this: the program already seems a bit complicated for the average user. Providing more than one ways to do the same thing will only confuse people more. At this moment there is a unique dialog to do this, and at least 3 different buttons to bring it up.

What you propose is also a bit difficult since i would need to put the tabbar in a 'choose mode', which is not that easy.
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