GBK topic-tree bugs
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Author:  ErikJon [ Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  GBK topic-tree bugs

Costas, I never mean to complain, but only to offer ideas, in case they are relatively easy to implement. I hope you don't take offense.

Anyway, I think you have a very useful option in the "module sets" window, whereby the "children" or "siblings" of any selected node can be alphabetized instantly and automatically, merely by selecting the node and then choosing the appropriate item on the context menu. If there is any hope of ever incorporating that feature into the topic tree of GBK modules, I think it would be wonderful, for module creation and for refurbishing existing modules. (Such a system should be alphanumeric, and not only alphabetical.) I don't think it would only benefit "module creators" but perhaps many ordinary users, as, sooner or later, the average user creates his own module for personal notes, sermon outlines, a personal dictionary, a personal commentary, and so on.

When working with a long list of topics, if I select five of them and drag them into any one of the nodes at the same level, they may fall in in alphabetical order, but if I drag a few more nodes into it after that, the next batch goes wherever it pleases, and does not fall alphabetically relative to the others already inside. Sooner or later I get a new disorganized collection inside the node, which has to be reorganized manually. Not the end of the world, but the more subtopics I have, the longer it takes to re-sort them, particularly if I drag other nodes into the main one, little by little, ten times or so.

Incidentally, I don't know if I mentioned that, even if I have the option selected of "collapse tree," whenever I drag new nodes into another node, the node expands again. I don't know if this is by design, but it seems to be counterproductive. I think that, if the option is selected, it should work as indicated, regardless of whether I drag something into it.

What is worse, is that, if I drag a node from one Bookview window topic tree to a topic tree in another Bookview window, the node does not expand. That is not consistent behavior.

What is worse, is that, if I drag a node from one Bookview window topic tree (with 400 topics) to a topic tree in another Bookview window (of 400 topics), all of the nodes expand in the second Bookview window!

What is worse, not only do the nodes expand, but the topic pane usually slides up or down, to the point that the node that I had in view is no longer in view; now I have to scroll up and down, to go looking for it again! This one issue simply drives me crazy!! This could easily be the cause of my backsliding someday, and if so, you would obviously be responsible.

Another problem is that, when a node is expanded, and already contains a few sub-nodes, should I delete any one of those sub-nodes inside, the parent node suddenly collapses. (This is when "collapse nodes" is selected). This is inconsistent behavior.

(Incidentally, I should mention that I have three columns of screen space in use while encountering these issues: Bibleview in the center, and one bookview window on each side. Moreover, when moving topics, my two bookview windows are duplicate windows of the same module: I drag from one topic tree in one window to the other topic tree in the other, and only the same one module is affected. This may possibly relate to the unusual behavior of the topic tree.)

Just a few observations.

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