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Author:  jonathangkoehn [ Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Word click options -


I use word click options frequently. My order at present is Morphology, Strongs, Lemma, and then the Word being clicked. (By the way I also have (Perform the lookup on all checked items checked).
- 1 Open dictionary uses Strongs.
- Another 2 open dictionaries use Lemma (Strong_orig_word)
- Another open dictionary uses the Word being clicked on. (In the past I used a dictionary with morphology) Now I have a dictionary that gives morphology options based on the word being clicked on (Thanks RĂºbio).

With the Lemma dictionaries there are times when it would be preferable if Lemma was the last item in the list. But with my dictionary that uses the Word clicked on I leave this last.

Is it hard and or possible to have the Look up order per dictionary? Instead of a global setting?
A global setting is nice but additionally in modules a user could specify a per module setting if desired.
I can see this being more settings to save and a slow down on searches perhaps. But an idea.
Thank you so much,

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