Allow GBK modules to to alphabetize topic tree automatically
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Author:  ErikJon [ Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Allow GBK modules to to alphabetize topic tree automatically

When I create a GBK module, I sometimes wish later that I could alphabetize the topic tree. I don't know if the "new dictionary module" would have done that automatically, even when adding new topics, but in my case, I already have 500 topics in the GBK tree, and it is probably too late to retreat at this point. As alphabetizing the topic tree does not seem to be an option, my suggestion is that you make it an option in the future. Namely, that you include the option in a right-click context menu of something like "Alphabetize topics" and also "Alphabetize topics automatically," so that it could be done only when needed, as well as automatically, depending on the user's needs.

I would also suggest that such an option apply only to the selected nodes and all sub-nodes within them.

(I don't remember whether I have already suggested all of this, or whether it was just on my mind to do so. My apologies, if I already have. Feel free to direct me to any such previous discussion, if need be, as my memory fails me sometimes.)

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