Text editor to edit dictionary module?
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Author:  RevSteve [ Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Text editor to edit dictionary module?

I have a Spanish to English Dictionary I am working on.
It is from and is in public domain.
I simply copied and pasted the contents from the text file from that website and of course it was full of typos.

I started on it a few months back and at the time didn't even know what a regular expression was.
So I learned a few fundamentals about regex and worked on it for a good while.

At a given point and eager to see how it would work, I ran it through ToolTip and then then theWord importer.
I have made countless edits while in theWord but since the text was poor, all the accent marks associated with the Spanish Language were already lost.
Because of all the many edits I have made while in module form, I am not wanting to use the text prior to module creation.

My aim is to maybe make this available for people to freely download, hosted somewhere.

What I would like to know is there a text editor that I could use that would search Topics (only) and replace words that need the accents?

I don't want to search the definitions since they have both English and Spanish in them.
Also there are many typos in definitions but surprisingly most are easily decipherable.

Just a thought on my part, I am happy with it like it is and it works fine without the accents in theWord.
Perhaps there are others that would like to use was my thought but if there was a way to add accents to the topic titles, that would make it better.

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