Key combination "ctrl+shft+r"
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Author:  batrot [ Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Key combination "ctrl+shft+r"

When using WordPerfect, and being focused on that app, when I press "ctrl+shft+r", which restores a previously deleted edit, theWord changes my default KJV font from +5 to 0 size.

(using WP8, W10)

I did not see any key combo listed in the drop down menu. Is there some way to prevent "ctrl+shft+r" from being connected to my WordPerfect operations?

Thanks for any help.

Author:  JG [ Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Key combination "ctrl+shft+r"

Info from the Help file. Shortcuts Global.

Reload active Bible module. Useful if you are editing an .ont file and you want the changes to appear immediately without restarting theWord. Hotkey can be changed with the config.ini parameter.

So to disable or change the key you need to add a line to the config.ini file (close theWord first before you try to edit it. Make a copy of the file also would be sensible)

Open the file in a text editor like Notepad++ and add the line

somewhere below the [General] section. Save the file and start theWord. That hotkey will be set as you have to 0 for disabled or
one of these other hotkeys might be available if you need the functionality.
Key Y=89 A=65 C=67 G=71 H=72 I=73 J=74 K=75 M=77 O=79 Q=81 T=84 W=87 X=88 Y=89 Z=90

Or change the shortcut/hotkey in WordPerfect so there isn't a conflict.

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