Errors in 3 Hebrew Lexicons

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Errors in 3 Hebrew Lexicons

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I have started learning Hebrew in the last couple of weeks (at age 63! :lol: ) and to help me learn the letters, particularly the vowels, I look up a lot of names as I read my OT. I was reading in Hosea 1:6 and looked up Loruhama and Mickelson's had, under the second definition, Hosea's son. It was his daughter. I found the same mistake in TMV and Strong. I looked it up in my hard copy of Strong (H3819), and it correctly had "daughter."

I didn't know if anyone caught this. I looked through the posts and didn't see this particular error. I just thought I'd let you know. :)

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Re: Errors in 3 Hebrew Lexicons

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Indeed the verses make it clear that it should be daughter.

(Hos 1:6) And she conceived again H2029, and bare H3205 a daughter H1323. And [God] said H559 unto him, Call H7121 her name H8034 Loruhamah H3819: for I will no more H3254 have mercy H7355 upon the house H1004 of Israel H3478; but I will utterly H5375 take them away H5375.

(Hos 1:7)
But I will have mercy H7355 upon the house H1004 of Judah H3063, and will save H3467 them by the LORD H3068 their God H430, and will not save H3467 them by bow H7198, nor by sword H2719, nor by battle H4421, by horses H5483, nor by horsemen H6571.

(Hos 1:8)
Now when she had weaned H1580 Loruhamah H3819, she conceived H2029, and bare H3205 a son H1121.

(Hos 1:9)
Then said H559 [God], Call H7121 his name H8034 Loammi H3818: for ye [are] not my people H5971, and I will not be your [God].
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Re: Errors in 3 Hebrew Lexicons

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My hardcopy of the BDB lexicon says that it is the "symbolic name for Hosea's daughter."
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