Suggestions for the Reading Plan feature.
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Author:  NoBloodNoPardon [ Mon May 15, 2017 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Suggestions for the Reading Plan feature.

Morning brethren.

I've been using the reading plan tool for almost 2 years now and figured there's 3 things that would certainly improve the experience (at least for me): here they be.

1. Under a "Mixed OT & NT" approach, if I click "done" whenever I'm done with the OT passages, the whole session scheduled for the day will be marked green just as if had read the NT passages as well. This can be confusing at times for people like me (people with bad memory).

2. If I close the application, open it again and continue reading from where I left (without restarting the scheduled readings), I will not get the "done" button at the finishing verse; it has to be carried out uninterruptedly.

3. It would be useful to have an option similar to "break on chapters" that not only breaks on chapters but also expand the session to include the last chapter in the book if it so happens to fall next to it (e.g. Genesis 49:33 expanded to Genesis 50:26).

Thanks for your time and sorry if I'm not making any sense here.

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