Hebrew Bible with <CL> becomes Left Justified

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Hebrew Bible with <CL> becomes Left Justified

Post by jaredaseltzer »

I am finishing a Bible module in Hebrew script (with R2L=1 included of course) that contains multiple variants per verse, and I want each variant to be on a separate line by inserting a <CL> tag between them. Unfortunately, the result is buggy. The first variant appears as expected (R2L), but subsequent lines are left justified instead of right justified. I'm appending an example below. (The text within <T>...<t> is the name of the variant.) Is there a <p align="right"> or \rtlchar workaround that I can insert into the rule?

[Example Code for Gen 1:1 follows]
בחכמה״מן לקדמין״ ברא וייי ושכליל ית שמיא וית ארעא<T>FTP_Gn<t>בחכמה ברא ה׳ ית שמיא וית ארעא<T>FTV_Gn<t>
verse.rule="<T>(.+?)<t>" "<CL><font color=red>($1)</font><CL>"
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Re: Hebrew Bible with <CL> becomes Left Justified

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Please take a look at the Bible module spec on this page. I think there are some rtl codes that can be used.
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Re: Hebrew Bible with <CL> becomes Left Justified

Post by jonathangkoehn »

I would recommend like JG said checking out the Bible module specs.

Here are a few ideas:

I've see brother AlbeSh use this on a Bible module as part of a rule: <rtl>$1</rtl>
rtl this aligns it Right to Left and <ltr> ... </ltr> does Left to Right
However this does not deal with the text alignment. But can be useful in the Bible format for dealing with switching between rtl/ltr

I've seen brother Rubio use this on a Bible module (Note inside of the Bible text not as a rule): <RF><b>NA27/UBS4 variant:</b><CL><font color=blue>τῶν ἁγίων Ἀμήν</font> | <font color=red>-</font><Rf>

As a last result you can try <rtf tag=”…”> and </rtf> which according to the Bible module specs introduces RTF code. Be careful it can be interesting.

Here is from the Bible module spec file: "For example, in order to make some Arabic text appear right-aligned in a footnote, one can write: <rtf tag="\qr">. Notice that this means that the standard rtf tag \qr (that is used for right-aligning a paragraph) will be copied as is in the resulting rtf code."
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