New:Partial Tamil (India) Translation is now available

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New:Partial Tamil (India) Translation is now available

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Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to inform you that i've done a small work to have the Bible Book Names in TAMIL (South Indian Language) for TW3.

I 've simply translated the BOOK NAMES into TAMIL, under the section called " [Books] " (both long and short names) in the copy of english.lng file and renamed it as tamil.lng. You may now have both language files in your folder to easily switch between.

Now, this Partial Tamil Translation includes the following features:

1. You can have the Book Names in Tamil (Both Long and Short Names) in TW3. It means, you can see the Tamil Book names in Bible Tree view, Search Box, Verse Popups, etc.

2. You can have Tamil Verse References wherever verse ref are there in TW (eg. தேவன், தம்முடைய ஒரேபேறான குமாரனை விசுவாசிக்கிறவன் எவனோ அவன் கெட்டுப்போகாமல் நித்தியஜீவனை அடையும்படிக்கு, அவரைத் தந்தருளி, இவ்வளவாய் உலகத்தில் அன்புகூர்ந்தார். யோவான் 3:16)

3. All the Cross References would be displayed in Tamil.

4. After Setting the language as TAMIL in TW3, you can still goto verses instantly by using English Book Names in the drop-down box (F4). though the drop down list displays the list of books completely in Tamil.

5. The Copy Functions (F5) will work flawlessly with this Tamil language file, resulting 100% perfect Tamil Verse References when Copying.

6. Clipboard Monitor: Read the Text of Any Verse in Any Program - This feature is working perfectly with this Tamil translation, even though the verse ref. are in English.

7. The only limitation is, Switch to English language when you want to add your own Cross Ref. for any verse.

Thanks to Costas, for all his hard work enabled me to easily come up with the feature "localization/translation" and fulfilling my requirement 100%.

Thank You.

Ps: You may also take a look here in Translations section of this forum, to complete this Tamil Translation work if you are interested.

Following are the screen shots of this translation in work, and tamil.lng download link.
Screen shot of Tamil language file in Work.
Screen shot of Tamil language file in Work.
TW-Tamil-2.PNG (206.03 KiB) Viewed 4051 times
Screen shot of Tamil language file in Work.
Screen shot of Tamil language file in Work.
TW-Tamil-1.PNG (95.64 KiB) Viewed 4051 times
This is the "Tamil.lng" file and it is a partial TAMIL translation language file for the purpose of mainly having Bible Book Names in TAMIL.
(52.07 KiB) Downloaded 572 times
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