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The Text of the Old Testament - New Book Release

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:21 pm
by jonathangkoehn
The Text of the Old Testament

Major revision of a landmark work in Old Testament scholarship
Ernst Würthwein’s introduction to theBiblia Hebraicahas long served as a textbook for generations of students interested in the history of the Old Testament text and the problems of textual criticism. From its first appearance in 1952 to the fifth German edition in 1988, the book was faithfully updated by Würthwein himself in light of new research. But now a new edition of “Würthwein” is due.
While staying true to the original structure and character of Würthwein’s classic work, Alexander Fischer has rewritten the text completely to bring it up to date with the newQuintaedition ofBiblia Hebraica.Besides updating information throughout, this edition includes a new chapter on the texts from the Qumran. This third edition ofThe Text of the Old Testamentwill be an indispensable resource for serious students of theBiblia Hebraicaand Old Testament exegesis.

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  • Hyperlink: BHS | Deut 34:10-12BHS
  • Page Number:pg 21
  • Latin:supra
  • Transliteration:qādēs̆: ṭāhēr
  • Greek:σωμάτων
  • Hebrew:מִשְׁפָּט
  • Aramaic:כְּתִיב
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