Paid modules

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Paid modules

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I am a long-long time user of The Word. So long in fact that I have loaded it on several computers which I have owned. The last time I replaced my computer, when I tried to load the paid modules, the password did not work. Is there a limit to how often I can load the paid modules? How can I correct this? I am not trying to steal the software! I use The Word every day and love it. I have recommended it to all my friends and even taught a class on it at our local computer club, The Cajun Clicker Computer Club. If necessary, I will repurchase the modules. How can I reactivate the modules?
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Re: Paid modules

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Greetings Dale,
Up to version tw6 if there is a space at the front or end of the email, name or unlock it can give an error. tw6 fixes this. Just make sure all the information (correct mail) is there and no space. Also another common error is using the wrong unlock key with the wrong module.
Seeing how you are a seasoned user maybe just check the spaces.
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Re: Paid modules

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I had similar issues with unlocking paid modules and this topic helped me. I went back to my original purchase email to verify my credentials for the unlock.

In my case, it was that theWord pays attention to the capitalization of the email address! Or at least does in the version I'm using.

Usually email addresses are not case-sensitive, but theWord's unlocking tool does care about the capitalization of the email address.

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