Expand Rgt-Click Menu to Save Layout

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Expand Rgt-Click Menu to Save Layout

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Hey, Guys,

As always, love TW.

I've recently bought a new laptop, and in an effort to save some where and tear, I've started using a USB mouse instead of everything on the keyboard. It's the first time in more than a decade for me to use a mouse with a laptop. The point: I'm wanting to rt-click and use the menu there for things I used to do on the keyboard.

First specific suggestion: let me save my current layout with a rt-click on the menu.

Second general suggestion: there is probably a whole lot more that could be incorporated on the rt-click menu. I'm wondering what other users might like to see there?

I recognize the book views and bible views bring up differing rt-click menus, but perhaps the "save layout" could be incorporated into both? Or at least one of them (probably the book view)?
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