How do you import HTML from the Internet?

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So you are on Linux and using Wine?
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Yes. I actually dual-boot and have The Word on both Linux and Windows 7, but I use Linux 97% of the time and use windows only if something disastrous happens on Linux. Just in case you want to know I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit with the latest version of The Word.
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Re: How do you import HTML from the Internet?

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HTML imports use the <link> element to reference the file that you wish to import; this works in a similar way to how you include stylesheets. Make sure that you set the rel attribute to import to indicate to the browser that the referenced file should be imported into the document. Thank You!! GBWhatsApp APK
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Re: How do you import HTML from the Internet?

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maney wrote:how do you import HTML Nulls Brawl Apkfrom the Internet?
Try using notepad or wordpad. Both are good but I prefer wordpad more. With this you can import HTML from the internet.
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csterg wrote: Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:32 pm copy paste.
Use MS Word as intermediate to preserve formatting or Internet Explore
Avast browser works pretty well, too.
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