Coming NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE Modules

From here you can check the latest version of the software and related apps (e.g. Importer utillity). New add-on modules will be announced here also (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc)
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Coming NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE Modules

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This question may be specifically for Jonathan? Will the newly announced NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE modules that were announced in the February newsletter be keyed to Strongs so that they work in Strongs-tagged Bibles?

Do you know when these modules will be released?

Thanks in advance for your response!

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Re: Coming NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE Modules

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We are converting the G/K numbering system to Strong's for these resources.
They should have lemma and Strong's Numbers and some may even have a bit of English...

Due to this they are taking some work plus the Hebrew unfortunately is not properly RTL and we are attempting to solve this. We can make it visually RTL but internally it is not. Please pray for wisdom in this regard and even reversing the Hebrew winds up with some oddities for the vowel points.

I personally am looking forward to them and have used some of the preliminary versions in my message/Bible study preparations.
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