Berean Study Bible - can this be made available?

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Berean Study Bible - can this be made available?

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Can the "Berean Study Bible" be made available in "theWord"?

Currently the Berean Study Bible is available in several formats (only PDF and Word, however, seem to have all the headings/annotations/...).

Although copyrighted, they seem to provide extremely generous terms, and "should" be able to allow their work being made available in TheWord, likely for free.

They are a very transparent translation (for the New Testament, the Greek text being worked from is available, an Interlinear, a Literal (assuming "Formal Equivalent"), and one in clear, contemporary English (that seems close to "Formal Equivalent" but easier to read English).

Given that they want to make this available, you may be able to get a copy in a more useful format directly from them (I have not spoken with them). is their homepage.

Terms ( includes a section "Digital Use (Websites, Software, Apps, Audio)" under which item 3 states: "3. The Berean Bible text is free to use in any electronic form to promote the reading, learning, and understanding of the Holy Bible as the Word of God." There's more, but this should be "doable."

From my perspective, this is a readable, conservative translation, and the fact that it is very "transparent" is excellent.

Many thanks!

---Martin R. Bartels
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Re: Berean Study Bible - can this be made available?

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We were aware of this work. Not sure if/when it will be made.
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Berean Literal Bible

Post by Jacob11 »

Terms and Conditions:

The Berean Bible and Majority Bible texts are officially dedicated to the public domain as of April 30, 2023.
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Re: Berean Study Bible - can this be made available?

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Is this different than what is already in theWord? There is already the Berean Study Bible inside the Berean Interlinear.
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