Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Questions concerning theWord running in emulators under linux or other platforms
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Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Post by moriswayne »

Hey everyone,

I recently downloaded theWord Bible software on my Mac, but I'm encountering some issues trying to get it to run. It seems like there might be a compatibility problem or perhaps I'm missing a crucial step during the installation process.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem with theWord on Mac? If so, could you please share your experience and any solutions you've found? I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance on how to get this software up and running smoothly.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Post by arraybolt3 »

You've not provided a lot of info about how you're trying to install theWord, so I'll ask some questions:

* Are you using the normal theWord Installer for Windows (good), or are you trying to use the old, outdated theWord for MAC (bad)?
* What compatibility layer, if any, did you install? You'll need some sort of Windows compatibility layer to use theWord on macOS, either a full-blown virtual machine or some form of the Wine Windows Compatibility Layer.
* Is this an older, Intel-based Mac, or one of the newer ones with an M-series Apple Silicon CPU?
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theWord 6 on Wine Staging and Windows 11
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Re: Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Post by smiths89 »

I think that there are some good programs that we are thinking about and I hope that it can keep working out in the long run and I feel like it’s good to talk about. I am glad this worked well for people over there.
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Re: Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Post by mathetes »

As of Wine 9.0: "The new WoW64 mode finally allows 32-bit applications to run on recent macOS versions that removed support for 32-bit Unix processes." (
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Re: Trouble Running theWord on Mac

Post by jonathangkoehn »

Thanks Mathetes this is good news!
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