Forum rules! Read before posting

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Forum rules! Read before posting

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The following rules have been put together in order to ensure the forum runs smoothly and stays within its original scope.

The Word is Christian software, and this is a Christian forum. Remember this and, please, pray before you post. Don’t waste valuable resources (as the time of others or their willingness to share information and help) on things that do not pertain to The Word.
You can expect fast answers to your questions and helpful support with a warm and Christian attitude—you should also respect these same principles.
This is not a democracy forum: there are moderators that monitor the forum to keep it within the scope of these rules.

1. Be respectful. Disrespect of any sort is not acceptable, especially in a Christian forum. This includes treatment of newbies and the use of sarcasm. Even direct answers should remain respectful. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

2. Do not post off-topic. This wastes space in the forum and makes reading the posts more time-consuming. If you want to talk off-topic PM (private message) one another or exchange email addresses and email.

3. Do not discuss doctrinal issues. This forum is here for The Word users for information about The Word; it is not here to discuss doctrinal persuasions. We all have particular doctrinal persuasions, but please discuss them in private. Any doctrinal discussion will be terminated immediately. The moderator(s) solely reserve the right to make necessary doctrinally related comments in the forum.

4. Do not engage in name-calling. This type of posting will not be tolerated. See Number 1 above.

5. Keep posts short and to the point. Only write as much material as is reasonably needed to ask your question or answer a question. Further, rambling in the forum usually leads to violating Numbers 2 and 3 above.

6. Keep thread titles descriptive and specific. Ambiguous thread titles make the forum difficult to navigate. Thread titles such as “I need help!!” or “I’m a newbie” are examples of such titles: they do not describe your problem or question.

7. Think through your problem/feature request, search the forum, and try to solve it yourself before posting. This will save you and the other users time. Even if you don’t, you still should not be flamed.

8. Do not shout. SHOUTING (for example) is considered rude. Please utilize bold, underline, or italics to emphasize a point. Please remember to turn off your Caps Lock.

9. Use only one or two exclamation points or question marks. There is no need for ending a sentence like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Do not use curse or slang words or their ASCII substitutes. It is sad that this must be even mentioned. Breaking this rule will not be tolerated, and may result in your being banned.

11. Post only in the correct language of the forum. There are several sub-forums for several languages. Do not mix them.

12. Do not link to or attempt to distribute copyrighted material. Copyrights must be respected. Before linking to or making any material available in the forum, ensure that it is either in the public domain or you have legitimate permission from the copyright holder to distribute the material.