Beta Testing Setup

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Beta Testing Setup

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Beta Testing Setup Tips

Download the latest beta file from here

So that you don't effect your current installation of theWord you need to perform an install like this:-

Make a new folder on the desktop and name it something clear like "theWord beta".

If you still have your theWord install file, run install again and choose these options:-

Compact (single folder)
and check USB flash drive mode
Compact USB.jpg
Compact USB.jpg (43 KiB) Viewed 9528 times

Make sure that the destination will be your new folder "theWord beta".
Dest folder.jpg
Dest folder.jpg (30.73 KiB) Viewed 9528 times
When install is complete, don't forget to uncheck the option to Run theWord now.
Not checked.jpg
Not checked.jpg (30.11 KiB) Viewed 9528 times
Now you can unzip the beta build, and you just need to put the three files it contains into your new "theWord beta" folder.

You will notice that the beta file has the build number at the end. This will display in the top title bar of the program so you can see easily the build you have running, so don't rename the beta file.

Look at the changelog for the build info, this shows what has been potentially fixed or enhanced.

Now you can just run the beta file, and it won't effect your regular install.

New beta builds can just be dropped in that same folder.

Each beta archive contains also the english.lng that includes any new messages that have been added (or modifications). If you are a translator, you can use this file to update your language file.

If you find any issues you should include the build number and the operating system in any reporting.
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