How to access beta versions of theWord

Discuss the beta released of theWord. Submit bugs and ideas concerning the beta releases.
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How to access beta versions of theWord

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theWord is actively developed and beta versions are being uploaded/released very often (some time 2-3 times a day). As a general rule, beta versions tend to be stable enough to use, but some functions are incomplete or don't work as expected. The rest of theWord though is stable enough to use.

Please, be aware that new features that are added to theWord and can be accessed through the beta version may be incompatible with the final release versions, especially when new file formats are introduced. No compatibility can be guaranteed (and no effort will be put to ensure compatibility) between a beta version and a final release. In any case, if you are unsure, just ask.

Useful links:
- Beta Download: here you can download the latest beta version and access previous ones

- Beta Setup Guide: instructions on how to install and use Beta Versions

- Technical documents and Utilities: since you are interested in beta versions, you will probably be interested to get a little deeper also.

Since beta versions are incomplete (and usually buggy), you are encouraged to provide feedback on them (e.g. do some testing). From time to time, specific testing will be asked for new features, so that any bugs can be found and eliminated.

Thank you for helping out to make theWord better!