Nothing but the truth - New Book Release!

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Nothing but the truth - New Book Release!

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Nothing but the truth - New Book Release!

Nothing but the Truth was first published in 1978 and, after many reprints and two revised editions. It was finally reprinted in 2012. Further revision and expansion led to the publication of six small volumes in 2017 under the title All you need to know about the Bible. This edition in one 768 page hardback volume lightly revised version of All you need to know. It aims to answer in an accessible and accurate way, the many questions that are asked about the main theme of the Bible, how it came to be written, how trustworthy it is, how the individual books were gathered together, and much more. Full references allow the reader to pursue each subject in more depth. In 2020 we are pleased to be able to release a digital version, compatible with theWord Bible software.

theWord Features:
  • Verse popups
  • Fully searchable text
  • Footnotes
  • Pages links <p676] indicates the page is above this point.
  • Easy navigation of topics via topics tree display.
  • Reading Plan for the whole Bible included as a separate resource. (developed from the reading plan in Book 6 Chapter 7)The reading plan can be used as a basis to make custom plans to allow you to schedule readings to your requirements.
Overview video: ... 7Okv_Bm8GM

To buy this resource: ... the-truth/
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